We simply gather up their produce and deliver it to your door. Most convenient. Most fresh. Automated healthy eating. Self-sustaining farms from our great state. Together we can change the city of Atlanta.


Wondering how this stuff works? Here's a look into the basics of your basket.

Meet The Farmers

We slept in their fields and ate our meals from their harvest.


We want to act out what we say we believe. Here's the story behind our efforts to serve our city.

How it Works

Life Basket Illustration


An FH partner farmer harvests your produce.

Personal Packing Aficionados

The FH Crew shakes your hand and packs your basket.

Your Door

Your FH deliverer sets your basket at your door.

Your Table

You gather around a table with friends and family to share the meal.


This Week's Harvest

Pea Shoots- Fresh Harvest Garden, GA

Microgreens - Red Earth Farm, GA

Candy Beets- Rise N' Shine Farm, GA

French Radishes- Red Earth Farm, GA

Beets - Red Earth Farm, GA

Green Garlic - Rise N' Shine, GA

Cremini Mushrooms - Orchard Valley, GA

Rainbow Chard- Red Earth Farm, GA

Collard Greens- Dayspring Farm, GA

Little Gem Lettuce - Woodland Gardens, GA

Arugula- Woodland Gardens, GA

Kale, Red Earth Farm, GA

Hakurei Turnips - Woodland Gardens, GA

Portobello Mushrooms- Orchard Valley, GA

Daikon Radishes- Veggie Patch, GA

White Mushrooms - Orchard Valley, GA

Purple Sweet Potatoes- Eco Farm, NC

Yellow Onions- Eco Farm, NC

Spinach- Veggie Patch, GA

Kabocha Squash - Watsonia Farms, SC

Star Fruit- Witt Road Farm, FL

Mixed Leaf Lettuce- Atlanta Harvest, GA

Herbs - Veggie Patch, GA

Ruby Red Grapefruit - Uncle Matt's Farm, FL


Featured Items

Spicy Pork Sausage - Wauka Meadows Farm, GA Burger Night Package - Fresh Harvest, GA Rack of Ribs - Wauka Meadows Farm, GA

FH Community  Use the hashtag #freshharvestga to join the potluck!

  • "It really was like getting vegetables from my grandmother's farm." - Ashley
  • "Fresh Harvest has frankly become the pinnacle of our new life of enjoying more meals at home. The variety and freshness on top of the surprises simply just can't help but put a smile on my face. Thursday's truly are heavenly here." - Andrea
  • "The FH Dinner at Truly Living Well was unbelievable! You guys and Homespun knocked it out of the park." - Abbie
  • "My 3 year old son has already eaten two apples, a carrot and a pear!" - Liz
  • "I love supporting local farmers and receiving amazing food in return." - Genna
  • "I love the bakery items!" - Mark
  • "I was blown away that our food looked like it had just been picked out of a garden (as it should)." - Rhonda
  • "I have really appreciated your customer service and you always replace/refund anything that isn't up to par. I SO APPRECIATE THAT!!" - Kristin
  • "SO convenient!" -Meghan
  • "Not have to deal with going to the grocery store all while helping out local agriculture...keep being awesome!" - Anna Lee
  • "The items are always as if I had picked them myself." - Carrie
  • "Love the kombucha. I appreciate the variety of produce and healthy grocery items you have available. Making a green smoothie now!" - Debbie
  • "It is very fresh, which means we will be getting more nutrients in our diet. Makes it so easy to plan my meals also. I really appreciate all the care taken to make sure it is delivered properly." - Linda
  • "I can honestly say that I am eating more vegetables and fruit because of Fresh Harvest!" - Paul