Share the Harvest 

We were asked recently, "If you had the time and money to do one thing to change the world, what would it be?"

Well, Atlanta is home. This city is what and who we know. We want to feed the hungry people that we drive right by every day.

Thousands of nutrition-filled fruits and veggies are passing through our hands every week, so we feel responsible for connecting our passions of local produce and the hunger problem of our city. However, our biggest limitation is ourselves.

The Share the Harvest bag that comes in your basket once a month is a medium for relationships and change. We believe that food is communal and, therefore, for all people. So here's what we ask you: join us.

Take it to someone in need. The choice is yours. We simply ask you to believe that "our excess is someone else's necessity." This bag doesn't cost you any extra investment other than the time to pursue a meaningful outlet for the items that we provide for you.

If you select to have FH donate your portion, you will be contributing to our every other week delivery of produce baskets to our friends in Clarkston who are refugees from all over the world.

Need Some Inspiration?

  • Contact a neighbor in need.
  • Find a local mission.
  • Reach out to a homeless person you pass every day.
  • Cook a meal for someone who has lost a loved one.
  • Ask the minister at your place of worship for the name of a family in need.
  • Partner with your child's school.
  • Give to a local food pantry.
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