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If you have a question that you do not see below, please contact us and we'll have your answer on the way in a jiffy.

Delivery Specifics

Between 8AM-6PM on your designated delivery day. Delivery days are based on location, which are assigned upon sign-up. We deliver Tuesday-Friday. You don’t have to be home when your basket arrives, so no worries if you’re not able to receive it.

We will put your basket at your front door unless otherwise stated. So, please let us know of any specific directions in the “Delivery Notes” section on the Sign-Up Page.

It’s also helpful to let us know of any specifics like gate codes or rambunctious pets. We want your animals to love us, too!

Your order will come to you via our refrigerated trucks in an insulated plastic tote, with the FH logo on top. It will be kept cool with ice packs and insulation foil, and will stay fresh until you get home.

To join an existing co-op, view our current options on the “Delivery Location” section of the Sign Up page.

To start a new co-op, just call us at the office and we will provide further info on how to get set up.

We love our planet, so we try to be as friendly to it as possible. That means we recycle and reuse as much as possible. So, please leave out your bins, foils and ice packs from week to week so we can wash them and get them right back to you full of fresh stuff. Just leave them out where your new delivery will be dropped, and we will swap the old for the new.

Also, to do our little part for the planet, we recycle all paper, plastic, and cardboard that comes our way. We also compost all the leftover scraps. We’re serious about not wanting to create more waste in this world we love.

Customizations and Produce

On Wednesdays we send out a “Next Week’s Harvest” email that marks the beginning of the customization period for the following week. Then, you have until Friday at 2PM to make changes.

You can customize every basket you order. If you don’t like something that’s coming, or you want to double up on something you love, make sure to make changes to each basket accordingly.

Log in to your FH Account and visit the “Customize My Baskets” tab. Then click the “Customize” button under the following week’s scheduled delivery. Here you will see the items that will come in your next basket.

You can make these changes by clicking on the “My Recurring Items” tab. If you want to change basket types, simply click “Remove,” and then replace the basket with a different one by clicking on “Add Items.” If you want to change your frequency, you can use the drop-down feature under “Delivery Options.” Just make sure to click “Save” after each change!

We try to be 100% accurate when packing your goods, but we are humans and not machines, so we do make mistakes from time to time. If you get an item that’s not top quality, or if your order is incorrect, please send us an email and we will make it up to you every time, no questions asked!

Cancellations and Vacations

With the FH way, there are no strings attached. So you can cancel at any time. Just make sure you either fill out the contact form here, or let us know via email before 2PM on Friday if you wish to cancel your recurring delivery. Then, we’ll pick up any bins, ice packs or foils you have on your regularly scheduled delivery day the following week.

If you’re headed out of town, simply let us know by using the “Skip Delivery” feature below the “Customize” tab on your weekly deliveries page. This will only skip that specified week’s delivery, so if you want to opt for an extended hold, we suggest visiting the “Skip Deliveries” page HERE.

Farms and Farmers: Facts about your food

We partner with farmers who grow food the right way. That means, all organic all the time. We meet with each farmer we work with, and if they pass the gold standard approval, then we send their produce your way! We try to support as many local growers as we can, as well as encourage a healthy regional food system.

The cost of produce factors in everything it takes to get from seed to plate. That means seeds, labor, transport, packaging, and delivery. But rest assured, we don’t take shortcuts. We are competitive with your local grocers, and want to offer food that is not only tasty, but also affordable.

We really do care about our farmers. That means, we are committed to treating them well, and paying them well.

When we say it’s local, that means it came from the State of Georgia. We’re pretty serious about that.

When you see items in your basket that are not local, we try our next best to ensure they are regional.

When you see warm-weather fruit in your basket, that’s because we still want to offer as much variety as we can while maintaining our local roots. No, your bananas are not from GA, but they are from a tropical organic farm that we’ve vetted.

You can find weekly Storage Suggestions on our blog, including temperature specifics and how/if to wash it before you store it. As with all produce, we do suggest a quick wash!

Payment and Account Info

We will run your credit card on file on the Monday before your scheduled delivery, and you will receive an emailed receipt. You should also know, we use a third party authenticator, which means we don’t store your info on our site, which makes it as safe as possible.

Yep, you can see them by visiting your “Account Options: Order History” page.

What does the price of my basket help support?

1. We want to buy the most quality local and organic food around.
2. We want to pay our farmers the wage they deserve.
3. We want to offer you the convenience of having your produce hand selected, and hand delivered.
4. We want to keep doing all the above things, which means we gotta get paid, too!

What differentiates FH from other local food vendors?

1. Every single basket you buy supports local farmers and artisans, and helps us pay them what they deserve.
2. We believe in the idea of sharing resources with others, which means every basket you buy goes towards feeding and befriending those in need.
3. We invite you to super awesome Farm Dinners.
4. We are committed to a “No-waste” mentality, meaning we will make every effort to only buy and eat exactly what we need and nothing more.
5. We will treat you like family. Food is a means to connect, grow, encourage, and share. We want to actively participate in using food creatively to engage our community for good.

Share the Harvest

Share the Harvest is our way of giving back to the people of Atlanta. It is a movement that uses food as a catalyst to create positive change in our homes, neighborhoods, and city. We do this by pooling a portion of every basket into a fund that seeks to use food to help others who need healthy meals, and a little extra kindness.

1. When signing up, by choosing “No, I don’t want FH to donate my Share the Harvest Portion for me” you will receive a 4 lb. bag of food to give away to someone you know who could use it.

2. By choosing, “Yes, I want FH to donate my Share the Harvest Portion for me,” your portion goes towards giving refugee families in the Clarkston area free bi-weekly deliveries.

A few last things

We like free things. So if you see an item in your basket with a “freebie” sticker on it, that one’s on us. Just spreading the veggie love.

If you want to use FH for a gift, we suggest using our Gift Certificates Page HERE. If you’d rather opt for a “Gift Basket,” just sign up as a FH customer, use the recipients name and address on the information page, input your own payment info, and then select the basket size on our “Shop the Market” page.

Check out our blog HERE. We post regular recipes, farm updates, farmer profiles, as well as weekly storage tips and inspiration. Also, don’t forget to friend us on Facebook, and follow us on Instagram and Twitter to stay up to date this way!


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